Choosing the Right Access Panel for the Job


Plasterboard Access Panel

Plasterboard Access Panel with Aluminium Frame


Plasterboard Access Panel with Beaded Steel Frame 


These panels consist of a strong aluminium or beaded steel  frame and plasterboard. The plasterboard access panel allows the frame and door to be plastered over, therefore making the panel as invisible as possible.


Metal Access Panel

Metal Access Panel with Lock
Metal Access Panel Push Lock Push Open

Metal access panels come with a lock and key or push lock push open functionality. The panel is surrounded by a 25mm picture frame that is placed against the finished wall or ceiling.

Plastic Access Panel

White Plastic Access Panel 1
White Plastic Access Panel 2

This is the cheapest form of access panel, easy to install and made of white ABS plastic. These white access panels feature a detachable door that is surrounded by a 25mm picture frame installed on the finished wall or ceiling.

Tiled Magnetic Access Panel

Tile Magnetic Access Panel View 1
Tile Magnetic Access Panel View 2

These panels are usually used to conceal plumbing or electrics in tiled areas such as a bathroom or kitchen. They are installed by fastening the tile to a steel plate using glue or silicone perfectly covering the revision opening.  The steel plate in turn is installed with the use of movable magnets fastened to the frame.  It therefore allows easy and quick installation without the need of cutting the tiles or the panels.

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Everything You Need to Install an Inline Bathroom Extractor Fan

To install an inline extractor fan in shower area of your bathroom you will need the following: 100mm/4” inline bathroom extractor fan with timer, PVC or aluminium flexible ducting, 4 ducting clips and an internal air vent and external grill.

Bathroom Inline extractor fans are powerful with the ability to extract 85-180 meter cube of air per hour depending on the type of inline fan. It is installed remotely in the loft area or void in the ceiling above the bathroom therefore minimizing noise and risk or damage to the fan by water.  The plastic fixing bracket of the fan is attached to a suitable surface made for the fan and secured to the ducting using ducting clips at each end. When installing the fan, you must ensure that the direction of airflow is correct as usually indicated by a sticker on the fan. The timer in the fan can be set to a maximum of 20 minutes therefore ensuring humid air is extracted from the bathroom for set time after the fan/light is switched off.

The internal vent is attached to the internal extraction point in your bathroom – usually above the power shower. These can also come with an LED light. The internal vent is attached to the end of the flexible ducting using ducting clips.

The external vent is installed at the external extraction point where the ducting leads to the outside world- this may be through a soffit or gable end wall.  If the external extraction point is through a vertical wall then a gravity grille is usually used to prevent back-drafts coming to the fan through the ducting. If the extraction point is through a soffit a fixed grille is more appropriate.

Ideally the inline fan should be installed half way between the internal and external extraction points. The longer the ducting distance the more stress there will be on the fans motor that will impact the fan life. Therefore, the fan should be positioned within 6-10m of ducting length. It is better to duct fan as close as possible to the external extraction point as these fans typically pull air in better then push air out. In order to minimize airflow resistance be sure to pull the ducting as taught as possible during installation.

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Bathroom Fan Timer Switches : CRW (UK) Ltd Bathroom Ventilation Solutions

A properly ventilated bathroom is important to prevent mold build up in your bathroom. However, we often forget to switch the fan on, or turn it off, therefore resulting in either a foggy bathroom or a waist of money and energy.

This problem can be sorted out by a Bathroom Fan Timer Switch.  These small devices allow the fan to run when the switch is turned off for a set amount of time adjustable by the timer. Our delay- off timer switch is able to sit behind a traditional switch panel and fits into a standard wall box.

Timer Extractor Fan Inline Fan Bathroom Run On Timer


Bathroom Fan Delay-Off Timer Switch

Bathroom Humidity Sensor Switches have a humidity sensor circuit with the ability to switch the fan on in your bathroom when humidity levels exceed 40-100%. These are also equipped with a timer that can be adjusted to turn the fan off after a period of time.

Humidity Sensor Switch

Bathroom Fan Motion Sensors come with an electronic circuit with infra red sensors that brings the unit in operation when it detects the presence of a person in its range of action. The timer can be adjusted so that the device switches off a period of time after the person leaves the room.

PIR Motion Sensor and Timer Switch

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FIBC Builders Bags Now Available at CRW (UK) Ltd


Under the name  we are now representing  a large-scale manufacturer of heavy-duty FIBC bags.

Our standard, one tonne bags are designed & certified to 1000kg. These strong containers are perfect for transporting bulk products.

We can supply to order FIBC bulk bags for a wide range of products – from simple builders sacks, aggregate bags, half tonne and one ton sacks for sand, rubble, compost or any other industrial, construction, or agricultural use.

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