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Our Meat Rail Sliding System is the perfect solution for meat rooms and delivery vehicles.
Rail (Channel) made of Anodised Aluminium.
Supporting Clamp made of Stainless Steel complete with stop chain
Meat Hanging Hooks made of Stainless Steel.

The channels will be provided in a single length, as selected.

End chain: Set of 2 clamps that includes 1 clamp with a stop chain and 1 standard clamp.

Supporting Clamp: Set of 2 standard clamps.

As per your requirement you can choose the rail size, single or w type hook, u bends and end chain from the options on the right side of the page. Please email us on or call  at 020 8998 0033 if you require any assistance. 


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2M Sliding Rail

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Hanging Meat Rail Sliding System for Meat Rooms and Meat Delivery Trucks Van

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Product Code 2M Sliding Rail