Wintsys Outdoor Condensing Units from Tecumseh

  • These compressors Ideal for medium to low temperature applications
  • We stock a wide range of low back and medium back pressure models
  • These compressors use high quality components for performance and reliability

The new Wintsys range is an ideal choice for medium and low temperature applications, such as walk-in cold rooms in convenience stores, petrol stations, restaurants, fast food outlets and specialist food producers.

With a wide choice of MBP and LBP models (spanning 0.3kW to 4.7kW), there is a condensing unit with just the right cooling capacity for every application. This helps keep installation and operating costs to a minimum.

Each unit uses high quality components for performance and reliability. These include a Tecumseh reciprocating compressor, pre-installed electrical components and a high efficiency AC fan motor. The condenser is optimised for maximum efficiency and will handle ambient temperatures up to 46C.

Click on the link above to view our range of models. Please call 0208 998 0033 or email sales@crwltd.co.uk if you require assistance. 
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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products

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