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Tiled Magnetic Access Panels
PVC masking screens (MPCV) allow quick and easy access to revision openings.
MPCV is composed of a PVC profile, whose one edge imitates a joint, and a steel plate that is installed with the use of movable magnets fastened to the frame.

Tiles or any other finishing element may be glued to the steel plate.

The revision opening covered in his way perfectly fits the rest of the wall.

The tiles or a panel may be fastened to the steel plate with the use of glue or silicone.

Easy and quick installation without the need of cutting the tiles or the panels is the product advantage.

MPCV are manufactured in many sizes accordant with the tiles dimensions.
    X Y
150X150 MPCV1 155 155
150X200 MPCV2 155 205
150X300 MPCV3 155 305
200X200 MPCV4 200 205
200X250 MPCV5 205 255
200X300 MPCV6 205 305
200X400 MPCV7 205 405
200X500 MPCV8 205 505
225X300 MPCV9 230 305
250X330 MPCV10 255 335
300X300 MPCV11 305 305
300X400 MPCV12 305 405
300X450 MPCV13 305 455
400X400 MPCV14 405 405
250X400 MPCV15 255 405
235X355 MPCV16 240 355
250X300 MPCV17 255 305
250X350 MPCV18 255 355
250X250 MPCV19 255 255


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150X150 MPCV1

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Product Code 150X150 MPCV1